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Jason Wells


University of Washington

BA: Japanese
BA: Asian Languages and Cultures




English (Native) and Japanese

starting date

April 2022

 type of translations

Manga, Games, and Scripts

All-Ages and Adult Content


Translate Game Text With Coding

Use Computer-Assisted Translation Tools

Experience With Various Game Engines

Adobe Creative Suite

Microsoft Office


Number of Works: 34

Heavenly Badonkers Angel Bitches

The Hidden Village of Witches and Catgirls


Extreme Masochist Yieldingly Cums After Being Sweetly Teased by His Girlfriend’s Older Sister.


Soothingly Pampering Childhood Lady【Nonstop Whispers / Healing Pussy】


My Sex Life of Making Pure Love to My Lonely Vampire Schoolgirl Admirer After Class【Whispering Sweet Nothings】


Busty Slutty Blonde Gal Lewdly Moans & Gapefacey Orgasms From Your Smelly Dick Everyday


My New Sex Life of Being Doted Upon as a Prized Pet of the Whimsical and Young Lady Honoka【Lewd Affection|Sweet Moans】

Mage Kanade’s Futanari Dungeon Quest

Misty Magic ~princess knightess enthralled by a futanari spell~


Cure Sounds - Kyouka & Kanade

Flirty Lovey Passive Sex with your Composed but Lovestruck CoolDere Girlfriend

Fade-in Succubus ~the tale of a princess knightess possessed by a succubus~

Otherworld Reincarnation ~Slow Life Days with a Mentally Unstable Girl~

When I ended up becoming my otaku friend's type of girl...

Healing Yandere Girlfriend ~only I'm allowed near your ears~

Nipple Teasing & Passionately Perverted Raw Fuckery by a Cooldere Succubus that just wants your CUM!

Twin Acid

Pampered To Death ~a lady that will positively affirm my every action~

Beauty Salon Where The Staff Get A Little TOO Close (ASMR) [CV: Yoshino Nanjou]

[Lewd Moans] Free Fuck! Childhood Friend Loner Girl Ear Licking, Nipple Teasing, & Pure Love Pussy Pounding

Abyss Crossing

Sex Handler of Paradise Guild

Twin Maids Pussy Service

Welcome to Sharang

That Time I Was Reborn as a FUTANARI Heroine in Another World

This woman is messing with my emotions

My Neighbor Ayane

The Last Boy & Girl Left

Cumsqueezing Nurse Lady

Cute Girlfriend-chan

Perverted Tomboy Female Butler Offers Apology

Sex for her Rich Bitch Mistresses Bullying Behavior

Serving! KOHARU ~Special Edition~

My Strict Boss Made Me Her Pet

When the Final Day Comes

Translation Rate

0.03$ Per Character / 3.00$ Per Manga Page

Contact Info

Currently Taking Requests From Publishers

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