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Jason Wells


University of Washington

BA: Japanese
BA: Asian Languages and Cultures




English (Native) and Japanese



 type of translations

Manga, Games, and Scripts


Number of Translated Works: 83

Flirting With Boyish Girlfriend at Home ASMR


Stranger Falls in Love at First Sight After Being Saved From a Pervert


【ASMR】Tall and Muscular Childhood Friend Pins You Against the Wall in a Fit of Jealousy


【ASMR】Newlywed With a Hakata Dialect Pampers With an Ear Cleaning


Sister With Brother Complex Gives an Excessively Loving Yet Soothing Massage 💙

Dominating Maid Loves You Enough to Exploit Your Weakness | ASMR


Yandere Villain Is Madly in Love With Your Heroic Self ♥ | ASMR


Byakko Catches and Chomps You After You Make an Escape Attempt | ASMR


Ravishing Noble Invites You to Her Room at Night With a Prince-Like Tone ♡ | ASMR


Mature Scientist Offers You Your Beloved Candy After Injecting It With a Love Potion | ASMR


Sweet Yet Possessive Girlfriend's ASMR | ASMR


Slightly Dangerous Underclassman Wishes to Dominate Me With ASMR | ASMR


Beastly Yandere in Heat Pounces on You | ASMR


Pure Girl Becomes an Extreme Yandere Who Whispers Sweet Nothings When Drunk | ASMR


【ASMR】Older Step-Sister's and Younger Step-Sister's Intimate Ear Cleaning


【ASMR】Succubi's Hypnotic Ear Cleaning


【ASMR】Nonchalant Sister and Monotone Sister Clean Your Ears


Boyfriend Finds His Girlfriend's Phone in the Trash【ASMR】




Friend's Cute Older Sister Acts Way Too Friendly | ASMR


Waking up to Your Underclassman Snuggling up in Bed | ASMR


Jealous Girlfriend Doesn't Want to Leave Your Side ♡ | ASMR


Boyfriend Scolds His Girlfriend for Stripping Naked Whenever She Gets Drunk【ASMR】​

Girlfriend and Her Mother Clean Your Ears

​Noble Tomboy Popular With Women Pressures You to Embrace Her | ASMR

​Black Market Neurosurgeon Operates on You 🧠 | Skull-Cracking 🦴 | Mouth Sounds 💋【Roleplay】


Locked Room Husband & Wife Roleplay ~sweet married life for a day~




【英語版】【炭酸ジェル&スパイラルウォーター耳かき】ウイッチズ・エルミタージュ 水の魔女のリキッドパラダイス【CV.大原さやか】



【英語版】【Wオホ声×Wメイド】~昔拾った姉妹がスクスク育って…ご主人様のボクに恩返し…♪~ ダウナードスケベ爆乳双子メイド達の子作り恩返しえっち♪

Secretary Cleans Your Ears


Beastly Attendants Clean Your Ears in a Dungeon


【英語版】JKしかいない風俗店〜ギャルJKに責められる中出しセックス〜〈KU100 バイノーラル〉

Fighting Magical Girls RPG Women Defense



Otherworldly Pussy Attendant - Noble Elf Who Will Make Sweet Love To You


Blazing Priestess Shizune


Ichinose-San in the Next Seat


Lost Chapter


Life With a Soothing Older Sister Who Spoils Me [Healing Pussy]


Lovey-Dovey Daily Life Mating With a Sloppy Tan Elf


Businesslike Holy Mating with a Languid, Busty Saint


Heavenly Badonkers Angel Bitches


The Hidden Village of Witches and Catgirls


Extreme Masochist Yieldingly Cums After Being Sweetly Teased by His Girlfriend’s Older Sister.


Soothingly Pampering Childhood Lady【Nonstop Whispers / Healing Pussy】


My Sex Life of Making Pure Love to My Lonely Vampire Schoolgirl Admirer After Class【Whispering Sweet Nothings】


Busty Slutty Blonde Gal Lewdly Moans & Gapefacey Orgasms From Your Smelly Dick Everyday


My New Sex Life of Being Doted Upon as a Prized Pet of the Whimsical and Young Lady Honoka【Lewd Affection|Sweet Moans】


Mage Kanade’s Futanari Dungeon Quest


Misty Magic ~princess knightess enthralled by a futanari spell~


Cure Sounds - Kyouka & Kanade


Flirty Lovey Passive Sex with your Composed but Lovestruck CoolDere Girlfriend


Fade-in Succubus ~the tale of a princess knightess possessed by a succubus~


Otherworld Reincarnation ~Slow Life Days with a Mentally Unstable Girl~


When I ended up becoming my otaku friend's type of girl...


Healing Yandere Girlfriend ~only I'm allowed near your ears~


Nipple Teasing & Passionately Perverted Raw Fuckery by a Cooldere Succubus that just wants your CUM!


Twin Acid


Pampered To Death ~a lady that will positively affirm my every action~


[CV: Yoshino Nanjou]


[Lewd Moans] Free Fuck! Childhood Friend Loner Girl Ear Licking, Nipple Teasing, & Pure Love Pussy Pounding


Abyss Crossing


Sex Handler of Paradise Guild


Welcome to Sharang


Twin Maids Pussy Service


That Time I Was Reborn as a FUTANARI Heroine in Another World


This woman is messing with my emotions


My Neighbor Ayane


The Last Boy & Girl Left


Cumsqueezing Nurse Lady


Cute Girlfriend-chan


Perverted Tomboy Female Butler Offers Apology Sex for her Rich Bitch Mistresses Bullying Behavior


Serving! KOHARU ~Special Edition~


My Strict Boss Made Me Her Pet


When the Final Day Comes

Translation Rate

0.03$ Per Character / 3.00$ Per Manga Page

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